Best robot kits for the STEM-obsessed

Kids playing with the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox.

Robot kits are a great way to inspire STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) learning in children or hone programming skills in hobbyists or curious adults. Plus, they’re just fun! The best robotics kits are made from high-quality components, feature easy-to-learn programming and well-engineered design, and offer possibilities for creative expansions.

What to consider before buying a robot kit

Robot kits are a fun and relatively inexpensive activity that is suitable for kids and adults alike—but you’ll want to consider the price point and difficulty level before making any final decisions. Prices can range from $ 20 to over $ 300+ depending on the number of functions and pieces. There are also many sets that offer beginner and intermediate building options in one kit which can be great for those who hope to hone their skills without investing too much money upfront.

Looking to pick up a robot kit of your own, or perhaps as a gift for a curious loved one? Below, we’ve sifted through reviews and researched to find the best robot kits for kids, beginners, and hobbyists that will suit your needs and quell your curiosity.