Quite a few cordless Dyson vacuums are $100 off as of Sept. 7

Hand holding Dyson cordless vacuum cleaning hardwood floor

UPDATE: Sep. 7, 2022, 3:45 p.m. EDT We’ve compiled the best deals on Dyson cordless and upright vacuums. Here’s what’s live as of Sept. 7:

BEST CORDLESS DEAL: The Dyson V8 is your most affordable path to a Dyson and features a self-detangling Motorbar — $ 349 $ 449 (save $ 100)
BEST UPRIGHT DEAL: The Dyson Ball Animal 3 Extra deep cleans, has a huge dust bin, and includes a pet grooming tool — $ 399.99 $ 499.99 (save $ 100)

The automated convenience of a robot vacuum is undeniably sweet, but for some, a Roomba just can’t compare to the rush or attention to detail of manual vacuuming. That’s where Dyson comes in. Shop this week’s deals on Dyson vacuums below. For help comparing models, check out our guide to Dyson’s current stick, ball, canister, and handheld vacs.

Cordless Dyson vacuums on sale

Why we like it

Your most affordable path to a Dyson is the V8. Even as Dyson’s mildest cleaner, it’s still a powerhouse, creating more cyclonic suction than the now-discontinued V7 and cleaning for up to 40 minutes. The self detangling Motorbar features hair removal vanes that keep the majority of long hair from wrapping around.

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Upright Dyson vacuums on sale

Why we like it

Spacious homes with lots of pets may fare better with a vacuum that doesn’t require recharging or frequent dustbin emptying. The third iteration of Dyson’s Ball Animal deep cleans carpets with an anti-tangle Motorbar that now features a completely removable brushroll. The included pet grooming tool is one you won’t get with a cordless Dyson.