This map of gas prices shows which states are paying the highest and lowest at the pump

The national average for a gallon of gasoline has now hit $ 4.58 as of May 19, according to the AAA. That’s up nearly 10% over just the last month, and up a whopping $ 1.43 per gallon from last year. While there are myriad factors that factor into gas price rises, the AAA says the spiking prices are primarily due to the increasing price of crude oil, which is now at $ 110 a barrel.

But while the national average of $ 4.58 per gallon sounds expensive, some states have it much worse—and a few, a little better. The AAA has an interactive map that lists the average price of a gallon of gas in every U.S. state. Here are the states and territories with the highest gas prices in the United States (all prices for a gallon of regular-grade gas):

  1. California: $ 6.061
  2. Hawaii: $ 5.356
  3. Nevada: $ 5.235
  4. Washington: $ 5.184
  5. Alaska: $ 5.147
  6. Oregon: $ 5.130
  7. Illinois: $ 4.974
  8. New York: $ 4.905
  9. District of Columbia: $ 4.876
  10. Arizona: $ 4.840

The states with the lowest gas prices, on the other hand, aren’t much lower than the national average: Oklahoma has the cheapest price for a gallon of gas at $ 4.032. Kansas comes next with the price of a gallon costing $ 4.044. Arkansas ($ 4.126), Colorado ($ 4.137), and Missouri ($ 4.139) round out the top five states with the cheapest gas prices.

You can check out AAA’s full gas price map here.

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